Maximize Motherhood: Live YOUR Best Life

DATE: May 10, 2019

TIME: 6:30-8:30pm

LOCATION: Fishers, IN​​



MAY 10 
Maximize Motherhood: Live YOUR Best Life

​JUNE 24 
Northside Moms of Multiples, Speaker

The Life Coach for Moms! I help women confidently navigate life during the season of motherhood. Working together you get the tools and strategies to shift from "reacting" to purposefully leading your life which eliminates overwhelm and guilt and brings joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. I help moms live intentionally!

"Coaching with Carla was truly life-changing. I am so grateful that a friend told me about Carla Miller Coaching."

- Cari, Executive Director of Client Operations, Mother of 2


April 2019

Your Secret Weapon for Zapping Guilt & Thriving
When my children were little, I would meet regularly with other moms of multiples. It was so much fun.   We laughed and swapped stories and strategies with other moms who understood making formula by the pitcher, and having to upgrade to a mini-van right away just so that you could legally come home from the hospital with your children. At one such meeting, one of my friends in this group shared how much she loved the baby stage. She thoroughly enjoyed creating activity "stations" for her trio and rotating them through. She liked the hands on feeding and changing, and even challenging herself to become more efficient at their basic care. I remember listening to her share at the time and thinking......"What?!? Is she serious?!? I guess I must be a horrible mother, because those were some of the hardest, most draining days of my entire life. In fact, I never want to do that again!" I then thought  - "There must be something wrong with me to feel this way. After all, shouldn't everyone enjoy caring for their newborn/s?" Cue the immediate mom guilt.   SHOW MORE

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