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June 2018

The Swimming Lesson that Didn't Involve the Water
The summer our kids were two, we took our first beach vacation. I wrote "vacation" but fellow mom friends - especially those with young children - you chuckle and shake your heads as you read the word "vacation" because you know that the beach + young children = a TON of work. There is the magic of timing the beach trip between much needed nap times and the multiple bathroom trips/diaper changing. Then, there is actually wrangling the kids into their suits and into their floats, puddle jumpers, or life preserving devices. Next, there is the mountain of sunscreen that needs to be applied to keep the kids from burning, (or mom from burning if you happen to be blessed with pasty white skin like me). Finally, there are hats for babies, sunglasses for the kids, and then the water shoes for all. If you are lucky, you can enjoy 20 - 30 minutes of water time before someone is hungry, gets sand or sunscreen in their eyes, has an injury, or needs to go to the bathroom! Whew! What a lot of preparation goes into one of summer's favorite activities. As moms we do a LOT to ensure that our children have a positive experience at the beach or pool and want to come back and do it all over again another day. We are very intentional about prepping our children for success in the water. As I was reflecting last week about this huge amount of prep work moms do for swimming, I recognized that there are many other areas where our preparation is just as necessary to our children's success.   SHOW MORE

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June 4, 2018 
One Intentional Mom Group Launch

8 Week Group, meets Mondays
Indianapolis, IN

The Life Coach for Moms! I help women confidently navigate life during the season of motherhood. Working together you get the tools and strategies to shift from "reacting" to purposefully leading your life which eliminates overwhelm and guilt and brings joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. I help moms live intentionally!

"Coaching with Carla was truly life-changing. I am so grateful that a friend told me about Carla Miller Coaching."

- Cari, Executive Director of Client Operations, Mother of 2