One Intentional Mom



"When I first starting seeing Carla, I felt as though I was drowning in every aspect of my life. In motherhood, in my marriage, and at work. I initially thought Carla would help me learn to balance my many tasks and navigate through obstacles. However, her coaching went way beyond that. I discovered so much about myself, my emotions, and why I do the things I do. I have a new grasp on life. I do all things with purpose and am intentional in my interactions. I learned to accept myself, give myself grace, and to trust my instincts. I take my life one step at a time to be a more successful mom, wife, and boss."
 - Renee

"I have a new grasp on life."

"Carla is a fantastic coach! Her commitment to being professional and respectful paired with her kindness and sense of humor is certainly a winning combination that benefits all of her clients. She has the remarkable ability to ask tough questions with such love that wading through uncomfortable emotional terrain becomes much less scary, and ultimately, she is there to support you through your own self-discovery. She offers practical and helpful tools that give deeper understanding to our inner workings that are often challenging to put into words.

I spent weeks in Carla's coaching program after coming home from an eleven month travel sabbatical. It was the most valuable use of time and money I could have made upon return. My work with her helped me to leave old habits and fears behind and open my eyes to better possibilities and new dreams.
Bottom line - if you are desiring to take everything in your life to the next level, Carla is the girl to help you get there!"
- Jennifer

"If you are desiring to take everything in your life to the next level, Carla is the girl to help you get there!"

"The last five months have been transformative for me. I hit a spot in life where I realized I needed a breakthrough to the next level of navigating a marriage, kids, and job I deeply love. Hiring Carla Miller to walk me through identifying issues, developing strategies, and carrying them out has been a priceless experience. Carla works with stay-at-home moms, executives, and all women anywhere in between. I can't encourage you enough to consider partnering with Carla! Thank you, Carla!!"

- Dana, Executive Pastor, Mom of 2

"Hiring Carla Miller...has been a priceless experience."

"When I met Carla, she was speaking at my daughter's preschool. She immediately came across as sweet, caring, and approachable. I, at that time, was feeling lost and out of control as a new mom who had just experienced a lot of loss. I felt like my internal compass was broken and I was wandering aimlessly in my life. I had already met with a therapist, but that road seemed like it wasn't fulfilling my need. My first few sessions with Carla, I was anxious and nervous, and I really wasn't sure what to expect. As time went on, I found myself in control of my feelings, my goals, and my thoughts. She helped me figure out how to get back on my life's new path, stick to a way of doing things that adhered to my values, and put one foot in front of the other again. A year later, I am a new person... or rather, the person I used to be, but a new and improved version! I can thank Carla for always being patient, kind, encouraging, and a pillar of strength to draw from. She helped me realize my potential, and I am so thankful. I would highly recommend Carla, especially to a working mom who is having a bit of an identity crisis. She will help you through it!"

- Laura

​​​"Carla Miller Coaching has changed my life! I had been feeling like things for me were not as good as they could be. As though I was just tolerating things and going through the motions with no real purpose or intention. As a mother of a child with special needs, I barely had enough time or energy to take care of all the things that are required of me on a daily basis, let alone do something for myself! Although I had made a lot of progress through traditional talk therapy, I was in search of something more. Carla was just what I needed! She has helped me go from functioning to thriving and I feel like I have taken back control of my life, no longer tolerating things that I can change! She has helped me find a new vision, be intentional and prioritize my life based on my values. I feel more confident and joyful on a daily basis thanks to her amazing methods. This was an investment in me as well as my family and it will continue to pay dividends for the rest of my life!"

- Michelle

"Carla has helped me go from functioning to thriving!"

"I have been a part of a group with Carla for 18 months. I had just become a stay-at-home mom after 11 years in a career and 2 years of being a working mom. This group was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. Since joining, I have grown so much as an individual, wife, and mom. Carla has equipped me with so many tools that I use on a daily basis. I have learned to live each day with intention, to enjoy each phase in my life and my daughter's lives, and to seek out happiness even in the tough days!

- Erica

"Group was exactly what I needed at that point in my life."

"Carla’s experience and expertise as a life coach was extremely valuable to our parents of children with special needs. Her passion for instruction and support of families of children with special needs was evident in her presentation and small group discussion. As a Co-Director of Family Ministries, one of my goals is to equip parents of children with special needs with proven strategies to support and enhance their child’s spiritual, emotional, and social growth. Carla was able to provide us with practical advice and tools to accomplish this goal. I feel our parents are better informed and hopeful concerning their child’s development and participation in our ministry programs as well as in their daily lives. I look forward to Carla speaking at future engagements and highly recommend her to others who desire to increase their knowledge and skill set to provide better care and support to families with special needs.
- Laura Helvie, Co-Director of Family Ministries
Center Grove Church, Greenwood, Indiana

"I look forward to Carla speaking at future engagements and highly recommend her to others."

"I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first that this group would do so much for me. But, I decided to go for it and figured it couldn't hurt! Now, I'm so glad I joined. I was in a pretty rough place 8 weeks ago. I feel like I have learned so much and I now have the tools necessary to meet all my goals and to live my life to the fullest!  Thank you for everything!!"

- Amanda

"Coaching with Carla was truly life-changing. I met Carla at a time when life simply felt heavy. I felt like the harder I worked at being successful at this ‘working mom’ gig the more I felt like a failure. I was struggling to maintain a balance between my home life and work life and everything in between. Carla, through simple yet effective and profound conversations, helped me to realize the power that I had to shift all my baggage to something that was productive and successful. The tools that we used were implementable and never felt like ‘one more thing’. I felt so much lighter after my coaching sessions with Carla and was able to shed a lot of anxiety and negativity that don’t have a place in my life. I am so grateful that a friend told me about Carla Miller Coaching. The coaching experience definitely met me where I was and helped to lift me up and grow exponentially. I consistently use the tools I learned within my coaching sessions. 

Carla is a fabulous coach – she’s open, knowledgeable, and challenging in all the right ways. She kept me accountable to the goals that I communicated within our first interaction and truly revolutionized my view without criticism. Our coaching sessions were something I looked forward to."

- Cari, Executive Director of Client Operations, Mother of 2

"Coaching with Carla came at a crucial point in my life. I was discouraged after being a stay-at-home parent for 10 years. I felt like I should be so much better at so many things than I actually am. I knew I had to do something to reframe my outlook and find joy again. I couldn't imagine exactly what coaching would do for me. The exercises I did with Carla have taught me how to lead my children from my strengths and approach problems using my best skills instead of focusing so much energy on my weaknesses. I feel much more fulfilled in my daily work now that I know that I don't have to be good at everything. There is so much "noise" out there on how to be a good parent and it is easy to feel like you aren't measuring up. Carla helped me identify the best version of myself as a parent and gave me achievable goals for every area of my life so I can continue to make forward progress. I now have clarity on my personal goals and the tools I need to succeed when challenges arise. I am forever grateful to Carla for helping restore my confidence."

- Kerrie

"Life-changing! That's the best way to describe the group life coaching experience with Carla Miller."

"Before I started working with Carla as my life coach, I was totally overwhelmed by life and felt bogged down by everyday decisions. One of my goals was to make the decision whether to move or not. Carla helped me take the steps to accomplish this goal, and now I'm looking forward to life in a new home! I was amazed at how my energy increased as we worked together and I became more confident about my ability to "handle life." She helped me figure out what limiting beliefs were holding me back and how to remove those from my mind. She could explain to me why things triggered bad feelings in me, and how to look at things differently so that I could accomplish my goals while honoring my values. Carla's coaching ability is amazing and her services are priceless!"
- Kathy

​"The Values Training didn't feel like "training". It was fun and upbeat. It was obvious how well suited this is to Carla."

"After having the privilege of hearing Carla speak to large groups, getting personal one on one coaching sessions, and participating in her 8 week coaching group, I love to tell the world about this lady who has helped me get on the path to success of who I want to be! Through using tools she has taught me, I have gained knowledge about myself that is so powerful in understanding what makes me the best mom, wife, and happiest "me" possible. I came to her with the thought that I didn't want to look back with any regrets from this stage of life with  young kids - getting wrapped up in all the business that steals away my time. As I started learning and using the tools Carla shared, it was amazing to experience new ideas come to mind for how I can approach areas of my life where I want to be more intentional. I have already seen change and growth in me, and have a plan and vision for who I want to be, which is very exciting! You can't put a price on MAKING THE CURRENT "YOU" EVEN BETTER! Carla has a very positive, compassionate and understanding personality that leaves you wanting more!" 
- Jenni

​"Excellent presentation skills. Carla was able to draw out participation."

"When I heard about Carla Miller's group coaching opportunity, I knew I had to join! I had been in a funk of surviving from day to day, running on fumes, and losing sight of who I was and what mattered most. I was trying to be everything to everyone else, and yet not doing any of it very well. 

After the first night, I was so grateful God had sent me Carla and this amazing group of women! Even though we were all very different, sharing and learning together how to become more intentional with our lives, our children, our spouses, our God... It was inspiring! Our group has concluded and I am anew. Carla opened my eyes to who I am in Christ and how to take the reigns of my life instead of being pulled from one day to the next. I will be forever grateful.  Thank you, Carla!!"
- Sarah

​"Carla is very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend the Value Training to individuals and others!"


That's the best way to describe the group life coaching experience with Carla Miller. I not only gained tangible tools to make me a more effective woman of God, wife, and mother, but learning these things in a group setting allowed me the opportunity to share my struggles with other moms just like me. By learning together, we were able to find camaraderie and provide insights to help each other grow.

As for Carla's coaching tools, I can't say enough about how useful they've been as I've gone through a very challenging season in my life. Understanding my values, what drives me as a person, what lies I believe, and the roadblocks that hinder my vision, I've been able to navigate all aspects of life with a greater awareness and ability to grow. As a wife and mother, I'm able to better understand and approach conflict situations with a balanced viewpoint. As a fitness instructor, I've gained tools to motivate my class participants and myself. As an inspirational author, I've identified some of the roadblocks in my career and developed specific goals to move forward with confidence.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This saying epitomizes Carla's approach to coaching. Rather than spoon-feeding, she has given me the tools to navigate life long-term. I'm eternally grateful to have worked with her!"
- Sarah Forgrave, Inspirational Author

"I have found that life coaching has brought an element of focus back into my world. Carla has been very helpful in getting me to determine my goals and priorities and therefore, my life’s obstacles have not been so overwhelming. Life coaching is mandatory for any stage of life in which a person desires greater clarity and purpose in this crazy demanding world in which we live. Carla’s sensitive yet articulate feedback always gave me hope and confirmation that the interior work I was doing would ultimately change how I viewed myself and my world. I highly recommend her services."
- Shannan

"If you are going through a major life transition or needing to reinvent yourself, I highly recommend coaching with Carla! My family and I went through a major re-location and I was feeling like I needed to start over in every aspect of my life. Carla helped me identify what my priorities are, the types of experiences that bring out the best in me, and develop goals to reach my ideal life! I looked forward to my weekly coaching sessions with Carla because they were focused, which helped keep me on track; but also lighthearted, fun, and encouraging. I now have a positive outlook on what the future holds for me in my new state, which was very different than what I was feeling before our move. I have been able to get my business re-started, start on some lofty fitness goals and also be the wife and mom God has called me to be."

- Danielle

"A few months ago after several significant things had changed in my life - I felt stuck, timid, and I had begun to doubt my abilities both personally and professionally. I knew that something needed to change I just had no idea how to start the process of change my life. Then I met Carla - and everything began to change. Carla and I had our initial meeting and she explained what Life Coaching was and how it had the ability to transform my life… if I let it. At first I was a little unsure if Life Coaching was actually going to work for me. I thought to myself “I have friends that can listen to me and ask me powerful questions…why should I pay someone to do the very same?” However, after two meetings with Carla I knew that I was going to commit to Life Coaching for a while. Through Life Coaching I have been able to: clarify my values, evaluate what brings me joy and energy, acknowledge my saboteur, and I have gained the confidence that I have a powerful vision for my life and created a plan that will enable me to live my dream. 

Through this process Carla has asked me the hard questions that I have not wanted to ask myself. She has been a cheerleader as I have accomplished my goals and has been someone that has intentionally walked along side me as I have dealt with the growing pains of change. Because of coaching I have been able to create a new vision for my life and confidently step out on a new journey. I am a stronger more self-aware individual that for the first time has been able to recognize how powerful my voice and story are to the world. For anyone who is experiencing change (positive or negative), feeling stuck, or if you have an itch to lead a different type of life - I would undoubtedly encourage you to experience Life Coaching with Carla so that you can begin living your life to the fullest!"

- Caitlin   

"Carla has helped me through some massive, difficult transitions in life and I'm grateful to have had her guidance. She is a great listener; patient and compassionate. I felt she led me to discover how to move forward while making big changes; and in doing so I transformed a period of instability into a time of growth."

- Lorraine

"I'm not exaggerating when I say Carla was meant to be a life coach. I have known her for over 15 years and her personality and gifts are a natural fit and amazing compliment to her professional life coach training! She has taught me numerous strategies and techniques that have helped me grow personally and transform the way I think and process various things in my life. She has asked the challenging and poignant questions that have allowed me to probe the inner recesses of my own heart and experiences, and put me on a path to achieve my goals. I can honestly and without hesitation whole heartedly recommend that if you want to make some personal changes and need some encouragement and assistance in identifying and realizing those goals, Carla Miller is personally and professionally committed to helping you become your best self through life coaching!" 

- Greta