"Before I started working with Carla as my life coach, I was totally overwhelmed by life and felt bogged down by everyday decisions. One of my goals was to make the decision whether to move or not. Carla helped me take the steps to accomplish this goal, and now I'm looking forward to life in a new home! I was amazed at how my energy increased as we worked together and I became more confident about my ability to "handle life".  She helped me figure out what limiting beliefs were holding me back and how to remove those from my mind. She could explain to me why things triggered bad feelings in me, and how to look at things differently so that I could accomplish my goals while honoring my values. Carla's coaching ability is amazing and her services are priceless!"
- Kathy

"After having the privilege of hearing Carla speak to large groups, getting personal one on one coaching sessions, and participating in her 8 week coaching group, I love to tell the world about this lady who has helped me get on the path to success of who I want to be!  Through using tools she has taught me, I have gained knowledge about myself that is so powerful in understanding what makes me the best mom, wife, and happiest "me" possible. … I have already seen change and growth in me, and have a plan and vision for who I want to be, which is very exciting!  You can't put a price on MAKING THE CURRENT "YOU" EVEN BETTER!  Carla has a very positive, compassionate and understanding personality that leaves you wanting more! "
- Jenni

7 Steps to Becoming One Intentional Mom is the program I designed to help women walk with confidence through the season of motherhood.  This program incorporates both my academic training and personal life experience to shift women from simply surviving to thriving. You become the best version of you!  And because of that - you can give the very best of yourself to those relationships and roles that are most important. 

Why intentional?  Intentional by definition means - purposeful, planned, and deliberate.  And just in case you think that means boring - think again!!  We plan for fun vacations.  We are strategic in our career. We are deliberate with our play dates and our relationships. And, we intend to rock the “little black dress” again post baby!  Intention gives us the very things we desire the most!  

Our time together working through the program will be spent exploring how your unique talents, background, and abilities can be specifically used to make your life a smashing success. We will explore your current challenges and develop a plan that is strategic, doable, and energizing. Our work will give you new tools to maximize your energy and time. Say good-bye to guilt, frustration and overwhelm. Say hello to confidence and joy. This is not another to do list. It is a new way of thinking and leading your life.

The 7 Steps to Becoming One Intentional Mom will help you:​

  • Shed the extra “mental pounds” that keep you weighed down
  • Infuse energy into your life
  • Dream of and define your personal success
  • Achieve goals which allow you to experience the mom life of your dreams
  • Lead yourself and your family in a powerful way

Q: Does the person you were pre-kids seem like a distant dream?

Q: Are you caught in the “spin and guilt” cycle? Every day is endless hours spent reacting and responding to the tasks and responsibilities of life - and by the end of the day you feel as though you have been through the washing machine spin cycle. You are exhausted AND you feel guilty - because nothing got your best effort and attention.

Q: Did your original plan for this season of life look so different than what you are currently experiencing?  

​Q: Do you feel like your experience in motherhood is different than all your friends – and want to talk with someone who can relate?

 If so, you are NOT alone!  I felt confident and sure of my decisions in life – until motherhood.  This season was something that I had desired so much, yet it left me feeling isolated from my friends because my “mom life” was so different than theirs.  Life wasn’t what I had dreamed. I felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work. I felt guilty and like a failure because I was simply going through the motions to get through the day! And, I hear these same sentiments from moms over and over again!

BUT – there is hope!  While still struggling on my own journey, I discovered the tools and strategies of coaching.  These changed everything!  And, they can for you too!

 Are you ready to navigate this season with confidence? 

  • Do you want to stop “reacting” and experience the power of being in control of your world?
  • Are you ready to kick guilt to the curb and live without regret? 
  • Do you want to gracefully handle the unexpected challenges of life while remaining cool, calm and focused?
  • Are you ready to powerfully chase that dream and goal burning in your heart?     

I have created a curriculum to help you do just that!

One Intentional Mom

Step 1 :Scoping Out Areas for Intention – This step takes that initial “snapshot” of various areas of your life. You will see the good, the not as good, and the opportunities! Getting to talk honestly with someone who “gets it?” AHHHH! This step will allow you to define priorities and give you clarity on where you want to focus your efforts during our work together.

 Step 2 : Drivers of Intention – All moms have unique “must haves” in life be it fitness, organic food, careers, extracurricular activities, faith, or family time. In step 2 we dive into what really motivates you - and how using this insight can catapult you to success in anything you do. 

 Step 3 : Tools for Intention - Even girls need tools! And, this step focuses on the most important one - our mind! You will delve into the different “mama mindsets.”  You will learn how to recognize which mindset you routinely use - and how to gain more control in your life by strategically choosing.  You will also learn how to relate better to other important people in your life who may not have the same outlook. 

 Step 4 : Roadblocks for Intention - Sometimes things from the past are important to keep - like Grandma’s amazing potato salad recipe!  However, sometimes over the years we pick up perceptions/thoughts that were once helpful - but now block our forward momentum. This step is where you examine those areas and ditch the old luggage that you don’t need for the trip to the future!

 Step 5 : Vision of Intention - As moms we spend so much time helping our kids believe that their dreams can come true - because we believe in them!!  Now the tables are turned. In Step 5 it’s your turn to dream! And dream big - the kind you used to think about pre-kids!  In this step you outline all of the necessary elements to create your “ideal life”.

 Step 6 : Goal Setting for Intention - This step delivers a revolutionary way of setting goals! This is an amazing and helpful tool that can make EVERY life run more smoothly.  And, it will help you define and achieve the success you desire.

 Step 7 : Celebrating Intention - No streamers, but here you will celebrate your success in becoming One Intentional Mom. We reflect on the your journey and how much you have transformed and grown.  You will be able to define how much you have accomplished during this amazing journey. 

I have created 3 unique programs to match your personality, budget, and needs. 


  • Do you enjoy the thought of connecting with other moms who “get it!”
  • Do you live in the Indy area?
  • Do you love the idea of a weekly night out to develop new relationships and grow personally?
  • Does the idea of working through this material in person excite you?  

If so, then my Group Coaching Experience is the way to go. 

Learn to confidently navigate life during the season of motherhood in a group setting. The group coaching experience is for three to eight women.  We meet for an hour and a half weekly for eight weeks to walk through the program in person. Through this experience, you will gain insights about your own personal keys to success.  With an amazing group of your peers, you will learn strategies to lead yourself and others, and tactics to remove any barriers to success. You will leave with the skills and tools to create the life you desire - and a specific plan to get you there.


  • Do you learn and process best independently?
  • Do you feel that you just need a small “kick start” to get back on track?
  • Are you trying to navigate a specific decision and would like some help?
  • Is your biggest desire to “process” your own journey in this motherhood season with someone else who can understand?

 Then the Kick-Start Experience is the option for you. 

This one on one coaching experience includes four coaching sessions (one per week).   Kick-start is designed to provide insights into what is keeping you “stuck” and the tools to propel yourself forward.  You will learn strategies for decision making.  And, you will gain awareness of your attitudes, perspectives, and perceptions of the world which determine how you show up in life.  Kick-start gives you the awareness and expertise to boldly move forward in life.         


  • Do you want to know you have ALL the support and tools you need to renovate your life?
  • Do you want my individual attention and expertise as we walk through the entire program? 

My clients who commit to this experience report the best results and transformation.  Are you ready to face your challenges and transform your life?  

If so, then Fully Intentional Experience is the choice for you.

This comprehensive three-month private coaching package is designed to walk you step by step to One Intentional Mom.  You have my undivided attention to ensure you are fully supported, educated and given all the tools needed to transform your world.  During Fully Intentional there is a lot of focus spent on strength finding, values discovery, and maximizing energy.  The weekly check-in and the inner work will be invaluable to help you to break through barriers, plug the energy drains, and step boldly into the mom life you desire!  This package includes all of the information and tools shared in the other coaching experiences as well as additional BONUS material and crucial support during the goal-setting and execution stages of the program.