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One Intentional Mom

In the midst of a busy life, being intentional means being purposeful, planned and deliberate...but it doesn't mean boring! 

When you become One Intentional Mom you do things like plan fun vacations for your entire family. You are deliberate with your career, play dates and your relationships. And yes, you intend (and do) rock that "little black dress" again post baby! 

Intention gives you the very things you desire the most. 

During this 8 week program you will examine the actions, emotions and thoughts that keep you in the "spin and guilt" cycle. You will learn your personal keys to success in setting goals and making change. You will learn the different "mama mindsets" and be able to choose the most powerful one in the moment. You will do it all and make friends who are all rooting for your success.​ 

Group Includes:

  • (8)  90 minute Group Sessions
  • Group Workbook
  • Unlimited E-mail Support
  • (1) 45 Minute Individual Coaching Session

​This class is for you if...

  • You want be more in the moment, and to create precious memories with your family.
  • You want to make choices with confidence knowing you're always honoring what's most important.
  • You want to tackle that next goal.
  • You want to gracefully handle unexpected challenges and remain calm, cool and focused.
  • You want "me time" to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge personally as a mom.

​You Will:

  • Connect with Others: Time away from the spinning cycle of life-to talk honestly with other moms who "get it".
  • Discover Your Keys to Success: Dive into what motivates you-and how using this insight can catapult you to success in anything you do.
  • Acquire Tools to Help You Lead Life: Delve into "mama mindsets". Learn how to recognize which mindsets you routinely use -and how to gain power by stratigically choosing.
  • Tackle Mom Guilt & Road blocks: Examine areas of perception that were once helpful-but now block momentum. You will rework them for a brighter outcome.
  • Create a Clear Vision: Envision your best future and learn tools that will help your dreams come true.
  • Take Simple Action Steps: Dive into a new way of setting goals. This helpful tool will make every home (and life) run more smoothly.
  • Celebrate Your Success: It's time to celebrate! Celebrate your success in becoming One Intentional Mom.

This Program Will Help You:

  • Shed the extra "mental pounds" that keep you weighed down.
  • Infuse energy into your life.
  • Dream of and define your personal success.
  • Set goals which allow you to be the mom/wife/sis/employee/friend you always wanted to be.
  • Lead yourself in a powerful way (and we know that litte feet follow where mom leads).

What One Intentional Moms are saying:

​"Life changing! That's the best way to describe the group coaching experience with Carla Miller."

"After having the privilege of hearing Carla speak to a large group, getting personal one-on-one coaching sessions, and participating in her 8 week coaching group, I love to tell the whole world about this lady who has helped me get on the path to success of who I want to be! Through using tools she has taught me, I have gained knowledge about myself that is so powerful. I understand what makes me the best mom, wife, and happiest "me" possible. You can't put a price on putting in the time to make the current you even better!" 

- Jenni, Mother of 3, Business Owner

"Life changing! That's the best way to describe the group coaching experience with Carla Miller. I not only gained tangible tools to make me a more effective woman of God, wife, and mother, but learning these things in a group setting allowed me the opportunity to share my struggles with other moms just like me." 

- Sarah, Mother of 2, Author

So... are you in?

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